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Robo-Penguin Meets Prince William

prince_william_meets_robopenguinPrince William just met the Robo-Penguin.

At the BBC Worldwide stand he was greeted by the robot, christened George which walked towards him and bowed.

The lifelike model, with a hidden camera behind one eye, has just returned from the Antarctic where it was used to gather footage of real penguins in the wild for the TV series Spy in the Huddle.

William laughed and said: 'That’s incredible, it’s brilliant.' Speaking to Mike Gurston, creative director of the BBC’s Natural History Unit, he said: 'What you produce really gives people a chance to see these animals.'

Penguins: Spy in the Huddle

In Fall of 2013, KumoTek teamed up with UK based John Downer Productions and the BBC to launch the world’s first high tech penguin documentary - Penguins: Waddle All the Way - filmed with the help of robotic penguins.

The bi-pedal robots were designed and built by KumoTek staff in Richardson, Texas, and along with onsite wranglers, the robotic birds were used to infiltrate the exclusive penguin colonies from an entirely new angle.  The team successfully recorded the emotional and oftentimes amusing behaviors of the pen-guins in both Peru and the Falkland Islands.

The show is available on DVD in both the U.S. and U.K.

Interactive Dinosaur Experience: Robots with Personality!

Red Dirt DinosWe are pleased to announce the successful launch of our next generation interactive robotic dinosaurFull Body Detection for Interactive Robotics exhibit: Red Dirt Dinos.

These fully interactive robotic dinosaurs are controlled exclusivley by KumoTek's Human Interaction System and incorporate all of the capabilities seen in previous interactive dinosaur shows, plus full body recognition, blazing fast Intel processors and never before seen behaviors.

Previous versions of KumoTek's Human Interaction System combined facial recognition software with our interactive behavior program to animate robotic dinosaurs that would detect and track guests in real-time. This technology was first deployed as RoboSUE at The Field Museum in Chicago in 2010 and welcomed over 500,000 guests during its first year of operation. RoboSUE was a huge success for KumoTek as it was featured prominently on the Discovery Channel and PBS.

Red Dirt Dinos is a significant step up in interactivity and technology. Through advanced sensor technology and recently added behavioral features, the interactive robotic dinosaurs are now capable of detecting full bodies, as well as hand, arm and leg gestures, while responding based on the location, size and respective behaviors of each guest. Front Page

Loud noises and movement around the dinosaur's field of view also play a part in determining how the creatures react and adds to their animal-like personalities. The effect is a much more immersive and seemingly realistic interactive experience.

KumoTek Robotics Interactive TenontosaurusExperience the cute and cuddly Tenontosaurus:

...hold a camera in front of her and watch her rear up on two hind legs and put on a spectacular show.

...hold out your hand and see her respond like horse eating from your hand.

...gather around closely with your friends and watch her shy away into the nearby bushes.

These and many other interactive behaviors can be seen within the Red Dirt Dinos experience at the Science Museum Oklahoma or the Oklahoma Museum Network.


About Our Company

Robot MagazineKumoTek is a robotics engineering and interactive software design company, located in the North Texas technology corridor of Richardson, Texas. We provide cutting edge interactive robot applications to schools, museums and government agencies around the country.

We employ a handful of talented designers and engineers to deliver robots with style, function and interactive utility. KumoTek has continued to set industry standards by delivering truly interactive and entertaining robotics technologies.

Our most renowned projects include:

  • RoboSUE at The Field Museum in Chicago and Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
  • The Guardians of Time: an Interactive Dinsoaur Experience
  • All episodes of Penguins: Spy in the Huddle on the BBC.
  • Red Dirt Dinos within the Oklahoma Museum Network.

Some of our noteable products include the KT-X, KT-X Gladiator, and the KT-X PC.

Visit our products section to learn more about our interactive robots, artificial intelligence, humanoid robots, bipedal robots, animatronics dinosaurs, interactive entertainment systems.